O. Jermaine Simmons Is Still Preaching???? WHAT????!!!!

How in the Hell is this man still qualified to preach?

Tallahassee preacher, O. Jermaine Simmons was caught last January in the act of having sex with a member’s wife. He ran out of the house BUTT NAKED. He gave his church a so-called apology and the church bought it hook line and sinker. How in the Hell is this man still qualified to preach? Christians say “there’s an attack on Christianity” No- Christianity is attacking itself! Christians make there own religion powerless, filthy and shameful!  


A married pastor in Florida who chastised the media for dishonesty was caught having sex with a married mom, according to a police report.

The Rev. O. Jermaine Simmons Sr., 36, ran naked from Claynisha Stephens’ Tallahassee apartment after her husband of seven years caught the two in bed together on Jan. 17, 2017, the police report said. The husband, Benjamin Stephens, chased after the pastor with a pistol, but police ― summoned by the wife ― found him first, hiding with no clothes behind a fence.

Simmons, pastor at Jacob Chapel Baptist Church in Tallahassee, wrote a blog post titled, “Journalism is Dead.” He argued modern news reporting lacks honesty and integrity.

“I can’t help but mourn the death of pure, untainted journalism,” Simmons wrote.

Simmons also authored a 2016 book, I Need A Man, touted in a press release as “a fresh perspective on the issues of godly manhood and mentoring.” 


Tallahassee police said they learned of Simmons’ extramarital relationship when Stephens’ wife called 911. She told officers her husband grabbed a small handgun after he caught them in bed and “went out the door in search of Simmons.”

“I’m going to shoot both of you,” Benjamin Stephens said, according to the police report.

Benjamin Stephens was nowhere to be found when officers arrived.

Police found Simmons hiding behind a nearby privacy fence.

Simmons told officers he visited Claynisha Stephens that day to discuss “church matters.” One thing led to another and the meeting “took an inappropriate turn,” the police report quoted him as saying.

Claynisha Stephens told officers she and her husband attend Simmons’ church. She acknowledged having sex with Simmons and said he bolted after her husband caught them in bed. She said her husband told her he’d considered shooting her, but decided not to “because of their son,” police said.


Officers eventually tracked down Benjamin Stephens and found him in possession of Simmons’ clothes, wallet and car keys. He told officers he caught his wife and the pastor having sex in his oldest daughter’s bedroom, according to the police report.

No charges were filed. David Northway, a spokesman for the Tallahassee Police Department, told HuffPost that Claynisha Stephens and Simmons both declined to pursue charges.

Simmons apologized to his congregation the Sunday after the incident and continues to manipulate his flock by use of religious lingo and “Christlike” performances,

“What I am asking of our members is your prayers and your forgiveness,” said Simmons, a former grade school teacher who is married with one child, according to a video of the Jan. 22 service.

 He indicated he’s not planning to resign- why would he when he knows that he has his blind congregation brainwashed and wrapped around his little finger, besides, he needs those tithes and offerings!  

“What I want from God I’ve already received it ― and that’s his forgiveness,” Simmons said in the video. He added: “If I stop preaching, if I stop doing what the lord called me to do over this, it presupposes that I was qualified to do it in the first place. … We will move forward.”

I don’t know which is sicker, O. Jermaine Simmons still misleading people or his blind congregation supporting him! This church should read I Timothy 3:1-10 and have someone other than O. Jermaine Simmons to explain it to them.



One thought on “O. Jermaine Simmons Is Still Preaching???? WHAT????!!!!”

  1. This happened in August 2017 and I see that with ALL the Christians on social media, no one wants to comment on this one! That’s because MOST OF THEM have their own skeletons and they are just happy that it wasn’t them who got exposed! I’ve got a few UNQUALIFIED PASTORS in my own family! My aunt who calls herself an “evangelist” took me to an abortion clinic to kill my baby when I was 17 after being sexually molested by a married pervert who was then serving in the Air Force! She also introduced me to marijuana and took me to my first (and only) male strip club in Florida. My mother [who I love dearly] happens to be a Methodist pastor and has treated me like NOTHING my entire childhood and adult life! She abandoned me when I was 16 and left me in Florida living in an apartment with a few months of paid rent left on it, I was just a naive child and she left me there! NO ONE in the family talks about that! I don’t hear from her unless she needs something and if she doesn’t need anything she wont respond to my calls when I call her, but if you ask her if she has heard from me, she’ll say ‘no’, giving the impression that I don’t call her, and my son does the same. I’m never invited to family functions, and never acknowledged positively by her. I was actually fired from a job in law enforcement because of her. I remember hearing her tell a friend of hers when I was a child that she “never wanted to have daughters”. When I was sexually assaulted as a teenager, she protected my offender! She refused to press statutory rape charges because “he was a black man with high rank” in the Air-force and she didn’t want to ruin his career- she didnt care about what he did to me or how it affected me in so many ways for many many years! She punched me while I was pregnant…[never told anyone this], She even till this day receives my offender in her house where he has actually spent the night! She wouldn’t allow me to attend my fathers funeral or grieve together with the family because “God dropped in her spirit” that I was going to kidnap my father!!!! (which is a lie). She has even brainwashed family members against me. Either no one except me see’s that she is a narcissist, or others do notice but they are too afraid or feel too intimidated by her to call her out on it. My oldest son and his wife are BOTH pastors! and they both act as if I don’t exist, every BLUE MOON my son call’s me but when I call him or text him he doesn’t respond (unless he’s having a really good day). He has admitted to me once to having “anger issues” and “problems with forgiveness”. I’ve never received one phone call from my “daughter in law” the prophetess, NOT ONE since she married my son, and they’ve been married for a few years now, but when they needed new furnishings for their home I became quite popular with her in that I provided what they needed and was NEVER invited to their house, but my son’s father the molester was, he even spent the night. My son told me that he had a sexual encounter with a girl in his church [probably not the only one] and they thought that she was pregnant (this is before he got married, but was still a preacher in Wilmington, North Carolina) he said that they were going to abort the baby if she were pregnant. I told my son “I didn’t kill you and don’t you dare kill your seed” I told him to give the baby to me… most likely they killed that baby because shortly after that he completely distanced himself from me and treats me in a way that no pastor should treat their mama, he has even brought a girlfriend to my house before marriage and I know that they were having sexual relations {he was a pastor during this time} he’s sort of like a bully to me, WHEN I DO HEAR FROM HIM (which isn’t often, maybe once every two or three years)always saying negative and derogatory things, especially about how men in my past have abused me. I keep up with him by watching him on social media- noting also how he has lied at times to his congregation giving them the impression that I “abandoned him” and was never there for him as a mother and lying about being born with certain debilitating diseases all to get sympathy from his spectators. He is now desperately trying to hang on the coattails of Yuanita Bynum, Jakes, and Jamal Bryant- he can also be seen at times on Inspire Outreach TV program. I wish that his Bishop would interview me, I wish that his “boss” would ask to meet his mother! There is a lot of mental instability, abuse, addictions and sexual perversion in my family… A LOT OF IT and nobody talks about it, they don’t want anyone to know about it so they act as if it’s not there, yet my family is full of preachers and prophets…If I expose them by name they’ll say that I have a demon OR they will join together to deny everything making me look as if I’m trying to ruin their characters/business so I’ve kept it to myself until NOW, this is my first time ever publicly communicating about this and the only reason that I am doing it now is because I want this to help someone. ANYONE can be a preacher/pastor in today’s church- all that you need is a little talent and the ability to charm people into believing you. No one is screened before presiding over a flock of people. Depending on the denomination, the most that would be required is a degree or some schooling in theology. Anyone with enough discernment to differentiate a mosquito from a fly would NEVER allow my family members ANY ONE OF THEM to preach in anyone’s church much less lay hands on them.

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