Divorce and Remarriage For Benny Hinn and Suzanne Harthern

… Benny Hinn and Paula White did have an affair and that he had violated the morality clause in his contract with the company…

Televangelist and ‘Miracle Crusader’ Benny Hinn, called it “…a miracle of God’s grace,” with ‘it’ being his widely attended remarriage to his ex-wife Suzanne in 2013, in a two hour long traditional marriage ceremony.

Benny Hinn married Suzanne Harthern first, in 1979 and have four children; daughters, Jessica, Natasha and Jessica and son, Joshua.

Suzanne filed for divorce in 2010, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’; the couple had been living separately for nearly four years till the filing. Later that same year news reports and an alleged photograph of Benny Hinn and Paula White holding hands, came out. Though, Benny admitted to a friendship between the two, both denied the alleged affair. In 2011, contrary to Benny’s claims of ‘no infidelity’, he was sued by the Christian publishing house Strang Communications that asserted that Benny Hinn and Paula White did have an affair and that he had violated the morality clause in his contract with the company.

Two reasons that Benny Hinn set out for his estrangement and divorce from his wife, Suzanne was that he had become too involved in his ministry work and had not paid enough attention to his wife and family, and the second reason he gave was of Suzanne’s dependency on prescription drugs and anti-depressants for nearly fifteen years and her erratic behavior that ensued, as a result. He blamed himself for not heeding her problems. According to Benny, her filing for divorce was a call for help and it also made him realize the importance of his wife and family.

After the divorce came through, Suzanne checked into the Betty Ford Clinic, in 2010 for chemical dependency problems. She came out free of her dependency issues, after nearly three and a half months of therapy.

In 2012, Benny Hinn announced that the two had started reconciliation process and in 2013, the two got married in the presence of a thousand people including their four children, four grandchildren and many important Christian ministers.

  • All I have to say is NASTY! Paula White has been passed around like a joint and still shamelessly calls herself an evangelist. Who is she evangelizing!!!! And Benny Hinn’s old nasty self has probably been lusting after her even before he divorced his wife but blames his wife because of a PRESCRIPTION DRUG “PROBLEM” for his infidelity, how convenient Benny- throw your wife under the bus to justify sleeping with Paula. Is this what “the body of Christ” looks like? I don’t think so!  Christendom today- BABYLON! Anyone who truly loves God should be ashamed to be associated with Hinn OR Paula White UNLESS you are ministering the TRUE GOSPEL to them that will lead to their genuine repentance. – “Church” you have failed terribly!


2 thoughts on “Divorce and Remarriage For Benny Hinn and Suzanne Harthern”

  1. Just another false prophet who too uses African and Indian black magic to fake miracles. My prayer is that ONE DAY there will be a law against “prophets” in this country. At least people are getting smart now and suing them for damages.


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