Church of England bishops join calls for end to indefinite migrant detention

Home Office minister Brandon Lewis said: ‘The Panorama footage is extremely disturbing and the sort of behavior on display is utterly unacceptable. The dignity and welfare of all those in our care is of the utmost importance and we are taking this very seriously.

Church of England bishops are accusing politicians of ‘dehumanizing’ migrants after an investigation unearthed ‘shocking’ levels of abuse at an immigration detention center.

In a rare move 17 bishops plus other senior officials and different church leaders are coming together urging the government to end indefinite detention in the wake of a BBC Panorama documentary that described Brook House immigration center as ‘a toxic, brutal and failing environment where self-harming is common place’.

In a letter to the Telegraph on Wednesday the bishops say they are ‘deeply concerned’ by the findings and accuse ‘some politicians and sectors of the media’ of dehumanizing immigrants.

‘Yet again it raises questions about our immigration policy and practice in this country,’ they write. ‘We fear that this treatment is symptomatic of a rhetoric fostered by some politicians and sectors of the media that dehumanizes immigrants and paints the public as “victims” of immigration.’

Signed by the Bishop of Durham Paul Butler, the third most senior figure in the CofE, as well as several other senior bishops and the chief inspector of prisons Lord Ramsbotham, the letter adds: ‘As a nation we must demand better than this – both for our own citizens in whose names this takes place, and for all who find themselves in the system.’

t was organised by former G4S manager and now whistle-blower and priest, Nathan Ward. It echoes his call for an absolute cap on 28 days of detention with court approval needed to hold any immigrant for longer than 72 hours.

Ward said: ‘This is not about immigration; it is about ending inhumane practices which are expensive and infective. The UK is a developed nation with high standards – we must demand better than this for our detention centres.’

The criticism aimed at ‘some politicians’ for dehumanising migrants is similar to remarks made by the Archbishop of Canterbury last year where he accused UKIP leader Nigel Farage of racism.

Justin Welby told the home affairs select committee in the build up to the EU referendum Farage was guilty of ‘inexcusable pandering to people’s worries and prejudices, that is giving legitimisation to racism’ and said he was ‘accentuating [people’s] fear for political gain and that is absolutely unacceptable’.

The Archbishop of Canterbury was the first head of the Church of England to give evidence before a House of Commons select committee as he answered questions on migration with the Bishop of

Home Office minister Brandon Lewis said: ‘The Panorama footage is extremely disturbing and the sort of behavior on display is utterly unacceptable. The dignity and welfare of all those in our care is of the utmost importance and we are taking this very seriously.

‘It is right that G4S took swift action as soon as the allegations were brought to their attention and we will continue to work with them and the police to ensure all necessary action is taken.

‘Detention and removal are essential aspects of effective immigration control and Home Office policy makes clear that detention is only used for the short period necessary. There is a presumption of liberty for all individuals.

‘Home Office policy is clear that detention will only be maintained while there is a reasonable prospect of removal within a reasonable period of time.’

[written by Harry Farley]

Secrets of False Prophets

Satanism and occult’s are gaining ground in the structural church today because most Christians are too afraid to study other texts apart from the English bible, some Christians actually don’t want to know what’s happening around them, so they are content in just quoting bible verses without having any spiritual insight. Serious occult activities are going on Christendom today but most people are unaware, there are numerous false pastors and prophets prophesying and working miracles using occult principles found in occult books such as “THE BOOK OF SOYGA, THE SEAL OF SOLOMON, THE SECRET MAGIC OF ABRAMALIN, THE MYSTERIOUS HOLY BOOK OF ANGEL RAZIEL, just to name a few. These books contain orders of operation, or methods by which one can invoke spirits (falling angels and evil spirits) and make them appear physically, and how to command them to accomplish a spiritual mission, such as foretelling futures, knowing the secrets of any person, fake healing and working what appears to be other notable miracles. For instance, those who operate deeply in the principle of Abramalin can cause a spirit to appear in their private prayer arena, and take any form, such as of a man, woman, animal, bird, serpent, etc.
These magical books are so vast that ANYONE who strictly practices and keeps the rules can perform notable miracles and give accurate predictions, so don’t be amazed when you see someone predicting an outcome of an event, such as football games, wars, someone’s death, election outcomes, plane crashes, etc. Anyone with a strong mind, without the fear of God can conjure a spirit following the method described in the sacred magic of Abramalin, and the invoked spirit will give the person any information requested. There are numeral fallen angelic beings that can assist people in knowing things pertaining to the past and future (to predict the outcome of an event, or revealing past life events, etc) and to work miracles. Those are the entities that the spiritualists invoke/ conjure and use them to work wonders. Here are some of the names of the spiritual entities that some of the false prophets conjure and use to work wonders to deceive the simple minded, I am only mentioning their names just in case you come across some of these false prophets/teachers conjuring these spiritual beings and you think that they are speaking in tongues!
To make predictions and reveal secret things, these are some names of the fallen angels they conjure; M a n a g i h, M i l o n, Th i r a m a, N o l i m, A m a r i h t, H i g a n a m and so many others.
To make any spirit appear physically and take any form they will invoke, R a m i e, E m i n a n u (some can call this name Emanuel just to deceive), N a t a i v e l, E r m o g a s a, I o r a n t g a, U r i e l and so many others…….
To keep the Familiar Spirits bond or free form, they will conjure Amaymon, Paimon, C e p h i r, O i k e t i s, P a r a s, P e r a c h I, etc…..
For fake healing, they’ll conjure an angel known as Z e o f r a s e, A m i g d e lo, L e i h c e z e and so many others. Miracle seekers beware! Simply because some false prophets can keep familiar spirits under control does not mean that the person is operating with the right Spirit of God. Many people attend these kind of Churches without knowing that they are already in Satan’s camp…..Beware! –

Written by Babylon Today staff

  • Interesting, my question is, “Why isn’t this being taught in “the church”? Could it be that these self-acclaimed “men of God” don’t know it? Why would God call them to be shepherds without equipping them properly to direct the sheep? OR Is it possible that they do know it, and are using these tactics [while keeping them secret] to control their church members? Church, you have failed again!