Guinea Govt Arrests All Chinese Until Guineans Return from China

Guinea Africa takes a stand for it’s people who were treated like wet market animals in Wuhon, China being thrown out of their homes and forced into homelessness amid harmful rumors of spreading the China Communist Party virus
COVID-19 virus.

Following the mistreatment of people of color (specifically black Africans) in China by Chinese officials, A video trending online purportedly shows the moment when the Guinea Government arrested all Chinese Nationals in their country and threatens deportation until all Guineans in China return safely back to Guinea.

Chinese officials in Wuhon China threw black Africans (not white Africans) out of their homes leaving them homeless in the streets of China amid the Corona Virus pandemic. They were refused access to grocery stores, bars, hospitals and hotels and forced to live in unsafe deplorable conditions due to rumors of the China Communist Party Virus (COVID-19) being spread by black Africans.

One thought on “Guinea Govt Arrests All Chinese Until Guineans Return from China”

  1. The problem with most of these African nations is that when all of this coronavirus is over it will be business as usual between them and China, at the end of the day it’s all about $$$


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