Christians Are The Cause of Ghana’s Problems

Chairman of the National Peace Council, Prof. Emmanuel Asante, is unhappy with the trend that seems to point the involvement of Christians in corrupt and negative acts.

Chairman of the National Peace Council, Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Asante

Speaking at the climax of the 60th anniversary of the Church of Christ Spiritual Movement in Cape Coast, the Chairman of the Peace Council said the development is unfortunate and urged Christians to change in order for the country to develop.

“70 percent of the people in Ghana claim to be Christians but in spite of this fact, the police have a very hard time. 70% of the country’s problems are Christian problems because we pay lip service. That’s why we are where we are,” he averred.

He is worried about the crime rate and related corrupt activities in the country but is certain that once Christians change their ways, things will improve.

Most Rev. Prof. Asante was, however, full of praise for the Church of Christ Spiritual Movement in the achievement of their 60th-anniversary milestone.

The National Peace Council Chairman also admonished Christians to be wary of pastors who preach about themselves.

2 thoughts on “Christians Are The Cause of Ghana’s Problems”

  1. I have to agree! All of the people that are committing crime in Ghana are “Christians”. This is why people are leaving the structural church and unfortunately God altogether. It’s because they see the hypocritical behavior of people who quote scriptures and rotate on the church floors on Sunday and it causes them to doubt every thing that ever came out of the mouth of any representation of Christianity. God will hold every hyprocite that caused people to leave God accountable for their actions. Right now is a good time to repent!


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