Arkansas Church Musician Rapes and Kills 3 Year Old

Another sickening story and another innocent life is taken.

A 3-year-old girl was killed after investigators said she was severely beaten at her home near Forrest City, Arkansas. St. Francis County Sheriff’s Office said Deonte Miller a local church musician and live-in boyfriend of the girl’s mother is responsible. Arkansas police arrested Deonte Miller, accused of murdering the 3-year-old that “was bruised from the waist up” and appeared to have “had a cord tied around her neck.” Police say he possibly raped the girl because blood was found to support such allegation.  The girl’s mother said she received a call from Miller on Friday morning, urging her to rush home.  When she got home, her daughter was unresponsive.  The woman called police, who rushed the child to a nearby hospital while giving her CPR, Fox13 reported. Doctors put the girl on life-support, but she died hours later at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis.


Miller is charged with capital murder. Deputies said the 20-year-old suspect who also has a criminal history admitted to them he was babysitting his girlfriend’s children when he hit the child and gave officials at least five different accounts of how the girl was injured.

The girl’s mother said she doesn’t believe Miller, who she’s only known for six months was responsible. 


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