“Youth Pastor” Charged With Inappropriately Touching A Child During Sleepover

Not only did McKinnon inappropriately touch this young girl repeatedly, Deputies said McKinnon also said he sent the girl inappropriate text messages as recently as December…

A Cumberland County youth pastor is accused of taking indecent liberties with a child during a sleepover he hosted at his Hope Mills home.

Nashimen McKinnon, 30, of Pleasantburg Drive is charged with three counts of indecent liberties with a child, according to arrest records. McKinnon told deputies he is a youth leader at Antioch Bible Fellowship.

McKinnon called the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office on Jan. 1 and told a deputy that he “touched a child five to six months ago,” according to a news release from the sheriff’s office. McKinnon said he laid beside a girl on the floor during a sleepover for church youth last July and inappropriately touched her over her clothes. An investigation following McKinnon’s admission found that he inappropriately touched the same girl on at least two other occasions at church-related events. Deputies said McKinnon also said he sent the girl inappropriate text messages as recently as December. McKinnon turned himself in to the Cumberland County Detention Center, where his bail was set at $45,000. His first court appearance was scheduled for Friday.



Just listen to this “man of G-d”! Christians can be SO FOOLED by SUPERFICIAL APPEARANCES and seemingly innocent stories such as “The Ugly Duckling”. WAKE UP RELIGIOUS PEOPLE!!!! STOP putting your trust in people just because they say “I LOVE G-D”, ARE MARRIED, HAVE CHILDREN, ARE TALENTED, AND YOUNG {or even old}.  How many innocent children have to be molested and possibly scarred for life will it take for you “The Church” to WAKE UP!?  

2 thoughts on ““Youth Pastor” Charged With Inappropriately Touching A Child During Sleepover”

  1. The only thing that Christians are doing is offering up their children to be mishandled by perverts! Because they aren’t mature enough to tell their children “No”, or they want free babysitting services….. Who in their right mind would allow their children to SLEEP OVER at some grown behind mans house anyway???
    I don’t care if he’s married with kids or not! Now the parents are mad at the “youth pervert/pastor” [AND THEY SHOULD BE] and are probably privately blaming the girl. The “church” should be ashamed of itself! To even be called an institute of God is shameful, shameful, SHAMEFUL!

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  2. “Babylon Today” is appropriate for the type of behavior that is taking place in “the church” today. Christians are attacking Christianity and blaming everyone else for it’s demise.


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