This family is believed to be in hiding in Dallas Texas….

Please contact your local law enforcement or ICE [IMMIGRATION AND CUSTOMS ENFORCEMENT] if you spot this family of four who entered the country legally on Friday December 08, 2017 on a tourist visa arriving at the Philadelphia International Airport but intentionally never arrived at their final destination. They failed to return back to Lagos, Nigeria on 30 December 2017 as scheduled and are now living as illegal immigrants somewhere in the United States. They are alive as confirmed by airport surveillance and have made contact with their family members stating that they are safe. Their names are John Uka Dike and Christiana Uka Dike with two children Melvin Osinachi a 7 year old boy and Mildred Amarachi a 4 year old girl.   The are believed to be in Dallas, Texas with ex-colleagues of Christiana who worked together with her in Fidelity Bank of Lagos, Nigeria or a friend of the husband John in New York.  They are all fluent in English and from Lagos Nigeria and are of the Igbo tribe. John Uka Dike is originally from Elu, Ohafia, West Africa and has a brother who resides in the United States named Mordecai Egwu Uka (Dike). 

family 1
John and Christiana Uka Dike