Radio Evangelist RG Stair Accused of Sexual Assault – Congregation Watched as He Inappropriately touched a 12 year old girl

“I’m here to talk about an incident with a man named R.G. Stair. For five months, I went to work at the community. The first month, he would find me in the dining hall and touch my butt a lot.

South Carolina police say they are now investigating video evidence that accuses controversial radio evangelist Pastor Ralph Gordon Stair, also known as Brother R.G. Stair and “the prophet,” of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl and touching the breast of a 12-year-old girl in his church while the congregation watched.

Stair, 84, who leads the Overcomer Ministry community in Walterboro, pleaded guilty in 2004 of fondling two former female residents. Members of the community live, work and raise their children there. New members can only move there after they accept Stair as the “last day prophet,” take a vow of poverty and donate all their property and financial assets to the ministry. 

In one of the controversial videos currently being investigated, Stair cups and pats the breast of a 12-year-old girl as members of his church watch.

“How old are you hon?” Stairs asks the girl in the video. When she tells him that she is just 12, he replies, “Twelve, getting right close to it now” to indicate that she is close to the age where she could start having sex. That age, according to a man narrating the video who says he is a former member of the church, is 13.

As the video continues, Stair tells the girl to come up to the front of the church after previously hugging her.

“Come here, I’ll show you, just look, look here,” he says.

He then makes the 12-year-old face the congregation then places his hand between her breasts.

“Growing up,” he says, before cupping and patting her right breast. He then sends her back to her seat and promises to stay on her case.

“I’m gonna touch those things till nobody else can touch ’em,” he says in the video about her breasts.

In another video, a 16-year-old girl named Natosha who claims she is being forced to attend his church, says she was sexually assaulted by Stair while working at his compound for five months.

“I’m here to talk about an incident with a man named R.G. Stair. For five months, I went to work at the community. The first month, he would find me in the dining hall and touch my butt a lot. The second month, he would come in and he would start lifting up my shirt and touching me sexually. And the third and fourth month, he would just repeat himself,” she explained.

It wasn’t until the fifth month she said, that Stair took his predatory behavior to another level.

“The fifth month, he asked me to go to the radio room and I didn’t want to go there. I did not,” she said.

“He wanted to give me something so I went. When we got inside he gave me what he wanted to give me and then he started fondling my breasts. And he kept asking me ‘Do you feel good, do you feel good.’ And I didn’t say anything because I didn’t know what to do. I just didn’t. And so I turned around to go out the door and he grabbed me from behind, wrapped his arms around me and he said, ‘I wish I could keep you in here longer.’ Then he started touching and rubbing my vagina inside my pants and after that, nothing really happened,” she said.


In another instance, Stair offers a rub down to an overweight young girl.

“She get fat see,” he says as the young girl walked up to him at the church. “You don’t get like your sister do you?” he asked her as she replies “no.”

“Why you big ol’ fat thing. Big mouth, smart aleck,” he responds. “Ahhh,” he continues with a sigh until he embraces her and pats her down with his hands extending down the small of her back.

“She getting’ fat. I know ’cause I feel it,” he tells the congregation as he continues patting her down.

“You gaining weight?” he soon asks. She shook her head and said “no.”

He laughs, cups her face with both hands and says: “We gon’ make it. We gon’ make it nice and slim. Slim and trim. I’ll give you a rub down.

“You shouldn’t mess with a woman’s breast. Why not? I love them,” he says while making sucking sounds and smacking his lips.

Lt. Tyger Benton of the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office told The Christian Post Friday that they were sent the videos about two weeks ago and are currently investigating. 

“We were shown the videos. The sheriff is aware of them. He looked at them, got in contact with our investigations department, had them start looking into it and at this point, SLED, the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, has been notified which is gonna be working alongside us with that,” he said. “Right now, it’s just an investigation phase. No charges have been brought up, no warrants and so forth.”

When asked if the police had contacted Stairs, he said: “I don’t feel we need to contact him at this point as we’re just looking into it. I’m sure that once … if we find something that we need to go forward with then yes, he would probably be contacted at that point.”

He further noted that he was not able to say if any of the girls or parents of any of the girls have come forward to make a charge against Stair. 

Messages left for Stair at his ministry were not returned on Friday.  The former member narrating one of the videos, however, describes the church community as a “cult” that preys on young girls.

“Ralph Gordon Stairs’ MO is to prep young girls’ minds to accept what is eventually to become a sexual assault. He uses his influence, his position and spiritual power to control them. It’s only within the last six months that he’s beginning to do it publicly,” the former member said.

“It concerns me that while listening to his recent speeches, he has really began pushing that at the age of 13, a girl becomes a woman and can start being with boys and has to watch out for boys. He obviously has some young targets for him to be changing his narrative,” he continued.

“With the girls’ safety in mind, I believe the context of individual events are irrelevant. He has a history of assaulting young women, and has already pled guilty to similar crimes in the past. He’s a master manipulator and although he calls it a church, as a former member, let me assure you, it is a cult,” the ex-member ended.

written by  Leonardo Blair 


Foods That Aren’t Genetically Modified But Are ‘Edited’

“We don’t say it’s inherently bad or these crops are inherently dangers. It’s just they raise safety issues, and there should be required safety assessments.”

In a few years, you could be eating the next generation of genetically altered foods — potatoes that don’t turn brown or soybeans with a healthier mix of fatty acids.

And you may have no idea that something is different, because there may be no mention on the labeling even after a law passed by Congress last year to disclose genetically modified ingredients takes effect.  

A new generation of crops known as gene-edited rather than genetically modified is coming to the market. Created through new tools that snip and tweak DNA at precise locations, they, at least for now, largely fall outside of current regulations.

Unlike older methods of engineering genes, these techniques, like Crispr, so far have generally not been used to add genes from other organisms into the plants.

The federal Agriculture Department has asked companies to advise it of their plans. But once the companies submit data to show the agency that the gene edits do not introduce foreign genes from plant pests into the crops, the agency is giving businesses the green light.  

Hundreds of acres of gene-edited crops have already been grown in several states, unencumbered by oversight or regulations. And a few people have eaten them already.

“This is not Frankenfood,”

said André Choulika, chief executive of Cellectis, one of the companies developing gene-edited crops.

In October, Cellectis hosted a dinner at Benoit New York, the Alain Ducasse Manhattan restaurant, and served dishes made from its gene-edited soybeans and potatoes. Guests included professors, journalists and celebrities like Neil Patrick Harris, the actor.

“I don’t even know what gene editing is,” Mr. Harris said. “I thought we were supposed to wear jeans.”

Calyxt, a subsidiary of Cellectis doing the gene-edited food, is also developing new versions of wheat including one with greater resistance to fungal diseases, another lower in carbohydrates and higher in dietary fibers.  

Other companies also developing gene-edited crops including DuPont Pioneer, which has used the technology for a new variety of waxy corn, used most commonly not for food but for starch in adhesives. Scientists at Pennsylvania State University have used Crispr to create mushrooms that do not turn brown as quickly.

The current regulations were written for the earlier generation of genetically modified organisms, where scientists used bacteria and viruses — typically from plant pests — to drop a payload of new genes into the nuclei of the plant cells where they merge with the plant’s DNA. That worked, but scientists could not control where the new genes would be inserted, and that led to worries of potentially dangerous genetic disruptions or crossbreeding with non-G.M.O. crops.

Companies like Calyxt have portrayed gene editing more like moving the cursor in a word processor to a particular location and making a small change to the text.

Federal agencies have not yet said how they intend to regulate gene-edited foods, and the incoming Trump administration, while criticizing over regulation in general, has not weighed in.

Other parts of the world are also considering whether to regulate gene-edited foods and how to do so. In Europe, where many countries have banned the cultivation of G.M.O.s, the European Commission has created a scientific panel to study the issue, with debate resuming this year.

Dr. Choulika said the inspiration for the October gathering was a dinner more than two centuries earlier, by Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, a French scientist who was enthralled with potatoes brought to Europe from South America. But many Europeans scorned the potato. France even outlawed the growing of potatoes in 1748. Largely because of Parmentier’s work, potatoes were declared to be safely edible in 1772, and the ban was lifted. Still, few wanted to eat them.  

gmo 2
 GMO potatoes and apples

In 1778, Parmentier organized the first in a series of lavish dinners for the high society of Paris, serving dishes all made with potatoes. Potatoes became a fixture in French cuisine.

With farmers harvesting the first substantial plantings of the Cellectis gene-edited potatoes and soybeans last year, Dr. Choulika thought of throwing a modern version of Parmentier’s gathering.

A dinner at a Manhattan restaurant featured dishes made from gene-edited vegetables. Credit Ramon Martinez/Cellectis Group

“This is the first dinner on Earth with gene-edited foods,” Dr. Choulika said to the diners. “Things that you eat today, millions of people are going to eat during the 21st century, and this will not stop.”

Food is a side business for Cellectis, which focuses on pharmaceuticals.

After some collaborations with big companies like Monsanto and DuPont Pioneer, Cellectis started Calyxt, to explore opportunities for using gene editing for foods.

Dr. Choulika said he considered G.M.O.s safe, but that the gene-editing techniques like those used by Calyxt would be more acceptable to consumers. Often in G.M.O.s, the inserted genes came from unrelated species, like the bacterial genes that were added to cotton so that it would exude a toxin to repel bollworms, a mixing of species known as transgenesis.  

“There’s not this blockage of transgenesis that freaks out people for no reason,” he said. “I think it is a question of perception.”

Instead of using bacteria and viruses to burrow into a cell, gene-editing techniques — Calyxt uses one called Talen — create molecules that act as a template to match a specific segment of DNA and then make a cut there.

For the Calyxt soybeans, for example, the only change was to turn off two genes. “There is nothing taken out or added to the plant,” Dr. Choulika said. “It’s what nature would have produced.”

Those edits change the mix of fatty acids and perhaps make for a better cooking oil. “Better than olive oil,” Dr. Choulika said.

At the dinner, the soybeans were transformed into a several dishes including soy blinis, mini tofu and soy burgers, and soybean hummus. Carole Pourchet, director of the Lab, the research and development arm of Mr. Ducasse’s food enterprise, said the gene-edited soy cooked like normal soy, but that the potatoes were a little drier, leading to the idea to confit them to retain moisture.

The potatoes showed up in mashed potatoes, potato pie and blinis.

“The dinner was maybe potatoes cooked 10 ways,” said Richard C. Mulligan, a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School who was one of the guests. Dr. Choulika worked as a postdoctoral researcher in Dr. Mulligan’s laboratory two decades ago.

Federico Tripodi, chief executive of the Calyxt subsidiary, said the company hoped the soybeans would be used in cooking oil for commercial and industrial use by 2018.  

The potatoes, edited to remain fresher longer and not produce carcinogens when fried, could be grown and sold in 2019. A second potato that is slower to turn brown just got word from the U.S.D.A. that it, too, is not subject to regulation.

Gene editing is not being used only with plants. A Minnesota company, Recombinetics, is editing the genes of farm animals — for example, creating cattle without horns.

Critics warned that the industry was repeating the same mistakes of G.M.O.s.

“We’ve never been against any of this technology,” said Michael K. Hansen, a senior staff scientist at Consumers Union. “We don’t say it’s inherently bad or these crops are inherently dangers. It’s just they raise safety issues, and there should be required safety assessments.”

While the gene-editing templates match a specific sequence, it is possible that the same sequence occurs elsewhere in the genome or they will match similar sequences, and the DNA will be sliced in those places, too, with unknown consequences. “They make it sound very exact,” Dr. Hansen said. “It will have off-target effects.”

Dr. Hansen said unregulated gene-edited crops could also create trade havoc if traces of them accidentally mixed into exports to countries that prohibited them.

Daniel Voytas, chief science officer of Calyxt who was one of the inventors of the Talen gene-editing technology, said the company had not checked the entire genomes of their plants, but did look for unintended changes within sections that were similar to the parts they were editing. “We didn’t find any,” he said.

Dr. Voytas said it would not be “a huge amount of work” to sequence the entire genome and that all of the data they presented was available on the U.S.D.A.’s website.

A U.S.D.A. advisory board in November unanimously recommended that standards for organic foods exclude gene-edited crops even if they were grown without chemical fertilizers and abided by the other strictures of organic farming.

Dr. Mulligan of Harvard said he was not sure that people would see much difference between gene-edited and genetically modified. “The objection that people have is a more visceral and vague objection to messing with DNA,” he said. “It’s hard to see that the public would see the difference.”

He admitted that he was more excited by the chef.

“The good thing with this is Ducasse is such a culinary artist,” Dr. Mulligan said. “He is really well known for being able to take anything and make it taste good.”

For Mr. Harris, the dinner provided a whirlwind introduction to biotechnology — “realities that I thought were theoreticals,” he said.

edited soybeans
Gene-edited soybeans will be made into cooking oil that will not need hydrogenation, which yields trans fats.  Credit Cellectis Group

Muslim Man Found in Hotel with Hindu Woman Beaten Mercilessly, Attackers Chant ‘Jai Shri Ram’

On Suspicion of Love-Jihad, Muslim Man Found With Hindu Woman in Hotel Room Brutally Thrashed and Stripped

New Delhi, Oct 13: In yet another shocking incident, a 25-year-old Muslim youth was allegedly beaten and stripped by a group of people for being with a Hindu woman in Barmer district’s Balotra town. The victim identified as Pahadu khan is a resident of Tehsil Sayla of Jalore district. As per the reports, Khan works in a garage and was found in the hotel room with the wife of the owner of the establishment.  

“The Muslim man and the Hindu Rajput woman had checked into a hotel in Balotra, but soon after, the woman’s relatives arrived at the hotel and assaulted the man,” Indian Express quoted Barmer’s Additional Superintendent of Police (ADSP) Kailashdan Ratnoo as saying.

Talking to the daily, the owner of the hotel, Multan Parihar said,”Pahadu khan had checked in our hotel along with a middle-aged woman around 10 am. The woman was wearing a traditional Rajasthani attire. About half-an -hour later, the woman’s relatives somehow came to know that she was here and five persons reached the hotel.”

Parihar claimed that the men belonged to Shiv Sena and they were chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’. They brutally assaulted him and if police had delayed, Khan could have been lynched.  “While assaulting him, the mob said that it was a case of love-jihad,” Parihar informed Indian Express.  Khan was rushed to Barmer hospital but as his condition deteriorated he was referred to Jodhpur for better treatment.

South African “pastor” Daniel Lesego tells followers to drink fuel, eat grass and poisonous tree leaves to be closer to God

Pastor convinced his followers to eat grass and drink fuel to be closer to God

This monster  pastor Daniel Lesego from Pretoria, South Africa must have a POCKET FULL of fairy dust to be able to convince his followers to drink fuel, and eat grass to be closer to God, and to eat the leaves of a poisonous tree. He also claims to have turned his followers to “goats”, and has even taken his congregation to “heaven” and “hell” via his “spiritual taxi”. pastor-lesego-daniel-rabboni-centre-ministries


This clown called Pastor Lesego Daniel Mosoue is a charismatic “faith healer” from Ga-Rankuwa, Zone 5, North of Pretoria. He is the founder of Rabboni Centre Ministries and has ties to the ritualist TB Joshua. 

On their website he actually compares himself to Jeremiah, John the Baptist and William Brenham.  Just another example of how foolish religion is and the reason why Yeshua, the son of God commanded his followers to “Come from among them.” I often hear Christians say “Christianity is being attacked”, well, the truth is that God didn’t form Christianity or any other religion, religion is Man-Made which is why the leaders (and followers) make their own rules. 

There’s no doubt that we are living in perilous times, a difficult season- a period where you can’t discern who’s who spiritually without having a genuine revelatory gift of God. An elevated level of deceivers have emerged and are operating mainly within the Christian churches calling themselves prophets, apostles, pastors and bishops.  Paul compared these false prophets who will arise in the last days to oppose the truth of God with the story of Moses and Jannes and Jambres. Paul said the same way Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses in the presence of Pharaoh, would be the same method that the diviners, sorcerers, and the psychics who will secretly introduce destructive teachings in the church will resist the truth. Paul called them men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the faith (2Timothy3:8).  Peterol pastor

However, one of the main reasons why most are being deceived and will continue to be deceived is because the deceivers are performing their lying wonders using the name Jesus Christ because it is generally believed that anyone who uses the name “Jesus Christ” to perform miracles is of God. However, this false idea that anyone who performs miracles using the name “Jesus Christ” is of God is based on misconception of a few scriptures from the new testament…

Written by Mordecai Uka Dike