“You teach what’s written. You don’t get to rewrite it and teach it how you feel you believe. — Elizabeth Vaillancourt

(Mesa, AZ) — Boys and girls at an Arizona elementary school were ordered by their teacher to recite a gender neutral version of the Declaration of Independence.

ABC15 News reports a fourth grade teacher at Salk Elementary School in Mesa crossed out the words “man” and substituted it with the word “human.”

Parent Elizabeth Vaillancourt was so outraged by the teacher’s desecration of the Declaration of Independence that she posted a picture of the altered document on her Facebook page.

I was hurt. I was mortified. I was disturbed at the fact that somebody is changing historical documents and nobody has the right to change our historical documents,” she told the television station.

School leadership told Vaillancourt that the Facebook posting “hurt the teacher’s feelings,” television station KGUN reported. (Photo Credit: Elizabeth Vaillancourt via Facebook)

Instead of dealing with a teacher forcing her political ideology on children, the school simply moved Vaillancourt’s daughter to another classroom.

“You teach what’s written. You don’t get to rewrite it and teach it how you feel you believe,” she said.

Mesa Public Schools later issued a statement admitting the teacher made a mistake by desecrating the Declaration of Independence.

“It should be recited as written, and not modified in any way. School administration, when learning of the alteration to the text, provided feedback and guidance to the teacher to restore the document to its original format,” the statement read.

[written by Todd Starnes]

Georgian Priest Guilty of Attempted Murder

Mamaladze viewed her as an obstacle to his career.

A court has found a Georgian priest guilty of trying to murder the personal secretary and adviser of Patriach, Ilia II, the head of the country’s Orthodox Church.

Archpriest Giorgi Mamaladze has been sentenced to nine years in prison.

Giorgi Mamaladze was sentenced to nine years in prison yesterday, according to OC Media.  Mamaladze was arrested in February as he was about to travel to Berlin. According to the Georgian Prosecutor’s Office, sodium cyanide was concealed in his luggage. Early reports suggested Ilia, who was receiving medical treatment there, was his target. However, he was charged with attempting to murder the Patriarch’s secretary-referent, Shorena Tetruasvhili.

Mamaladze was charged with ‘plotting a murder with mercenary purposes’ after a journalist, Irakli Mamaladze, told the Prosecutor’s Office that Giorgi Mamaladze had asked for his help in obtaining cyanide. Hidden camera footage showed the archpriest asking the journalist: ‘Is it possible to get cyanide?’

The trial has been controversial, with Tbilisi-based rights group the Human Rights Centre objecting to the closure of the hearing to the public. Archbishop Petre Tsaava of the Chkondidi diocese accused Tetruasvhili of being an instrument of Russian influence in the Georgian Church and of controlling high-ranking officials there, according to Democracy and Freedom Watch. She has denied the claims. Prosecutors claimed Mamaladze viewed her as an obstacle to his career.